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The Long Black with Murry Sweetpants 7.30ish to 10am Weekdays  
Happy Mundaze with Nick D'angelo 10 to 12pm Monday  
Ladies who Lunch - Bel Sweetman 12 to 2pm Monday  
Ngati Arty Farty with Bruce Hopkins 2 to 4pm Monday  
MonDave Drive with Dave Hull 4 to 6pm Monday  
Housetrained with Gyles & The Good Guy 6 to 8pm Monday  
Grass Green Radio with Paul Orion 8 to 10pm Monday  
Bassline Continuum with Terry Mather 10 to 12am Monday  
The Invalid Brothers with Pierre & Richard 10 to 12pm Tuesday    
Ladies who Lunch - Samantha Reynolds 12 to 2pm Tuesday  
Miho Zilla ATTACK 2 to 4pm Tuesday  
Broken Magic with Rachael Sabin 4 to 6pm Tuesday  
Groove Line with Scandal Munro 6 to 8pm Tuesday  
The 4 4 Circus with Mazey 8 to 10pm Tuesday  
Mezcolanza Beats with Gabriella G 10 to 12am Tuesday  
African Beats to the Max with DJ Muse 10 to 12pm Wednesday  
Ladies who Lunch - Tineke Van Der Walle 12 to 2pm Wednesday  
Afternoon Tea with Zane Tee & Shane Hand 2 to 4pm Wednesday  
The Front Room with Dave & Neal 4 to 6pm Wednesday  
Homemade Radio with Geez & Friends 6 to 8pm Wednesday  
Big Big Wednesday with Dave, Mark & Christiaan 8 to 10pm Wednesday  
Nupacific with Philipp Bruckmeier 10 to 12am Wednesday  
Ekko Joe's Mixtape 10 to 12pm Thursday  
Ladies who Lunch - Cicha Licorica 12 to 2pm Thursday  
The Thursday Guy with DC 2 to 4pm Thursday  
Illumanati with ADAM 4 to 6pm Thursday  
The TPS Report with Mat Randomplay 6 to 8pm Thursday  
Modern Love with Isaac Oron 8 to 10 pm Thursday  
Brothers Unrelated with Mark & Johnny 10 to 12am Thursday  
Nigel Loves Music 10 to 12pm Friday  
Ladies who Lunch - Puzzles 12 - 2pm Friday  
Soul from Outer Space with Klassix from Paris 2 to 4pm Friday  
Meanwhile In Russia with Pat Cash 4 to 6pm Friday  
Off the Wall with Blake Sanders 6 to 8pm Friday  
Couch Collective with Simon and Andrew 8 to 10pm Friday  
Quality Control with Dylan B 10 to 12pm Friday  
Ponsonby Sunrise with Ian Stewart 9 to 10am Saturday  
Simple Mathmatics with Ad1 10 to 12pm Saturday
A Groove Supreme with Charley Grey 12 to 2pm Saturday  
Cheese 'N Crackers with Pommie Nick 2 to 4pm Saturday  
Something Special with knowonespocket 4 to 6pm Saturday  
Reverse Radio with Anthony Muirhead 6 to 8pm Saturday  
House Call with Russell Hodgson & Senior 8 to 10pm Saturday  
Euphonics with Simon Mason 10 to 12pm Saturday  
The Reem Show with SkiDimps & Bucky 8 to 10am Sunday  
The Darrell Aardvark Experience 10 to 12am Sunday  
Smooth Crew with Big Sene 12 to 2pm Sunday  
Sunday Shuffle with Kris Holmes 2 to 4pm Sunday  
Sunday Session with Nick Wood 4 to 6pm Sunday  
Good Til the Last Drop with Heffner 6 to 8pm Sunday  
Wild Oates with Steven Oates 8 to 9pm Sunday  
Kiwi Kicks with Jordan & Co. 9 to 12am Sunday